Ministry of Oil: We are working to make Khor al-Zubayr a global port


The Minister of Oil, Jabbar al-Luaibi, the ministry’s keenness to make the port of Khor al-Zubair in the south of the country one of the most important oil ports and commercial centers in the region and the world.
Al-Allaibi said in a press statement that “the ministry has made great progress in the development and rehabilitation of this port in coordination with the Ministry of Transport, and through the contract with the British company SICA in late 2016.”
“The agreement included the rehabilitation and modernization of berths (2, 3 and 4) for Khor al-Zubayr, and the construction of a reservoir and advanced pipeline network for storing and pumping various oil derivatives in the port, in addition to building various joints of infrastructure and modern supplies at the site using heavy and sophisticated drilling equipment To drill the marine channel and increase the depth of the submersible from (7) meters to 12 meters.
The minister pointed out that “the rehabilitation of Khor al-Zubair contributed to the anchoring and departure of oil and commercial tankers with loads of up to 40 thousand tons high flow after the previous capacity did not exceed 18 thousand tons, and thanks to that was exceeded bottlenecks that were previously and hampered the movement of tankers, The rehabilitation process has provided flexibility in the export and import of oil derivatives. Moreover, the berths have become an important attraction for the suppliers after they were expelled due to the danger of safe and secure operations. ”
Al-Luaibi said that “rehabilitation works represent the cornerstone in the launch of Khor Al-Zubair port area to be one of the most important sea ports for the export of oil derivatives and trade exchange in the region and the world.”

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