European new aid worth 60 million euros for Iraq


The European Commission said on Monday it had adopted a stabilization package of 60.4 million euros to support Iraq after the liberation of the areas controlled by ISIS, as Iraq still faces humanitarian challenges and challenges in security, stability and reconciliation.
The funding comes in addition to the European Union’s humanitarian assistance to Iraq and other financial aid, which has so far reached 608.4 million euros since the start of the crisis.
“At this important stage in the history of Iraq, we stand by the Iraqi people and the Iraqi authorities. They have shown courage and strength in their war against ISIS and the EU is ready to help them build the future of Iraq beyond ISIS,” said the High Representative and Vice President Federica Mugherini.
“We will continue to promote stability in the liberated areas by improving the political, humanitarian, security and development dimensions,” she said, adding that “reconciliation must return to their homes and long-term stability in Iraq.”
“The liberation of Mosul and other areas of ISIS is the first step towards peace,” said Commissioner for International Cooperation and Development Neven Mimika, adding that the EU provides support to the needs of millions of Iraqis and will not stop at this point, but will continue to assist in efforts to promote stability and promote development. Iraq”.
The stabilization package includes 50.4 million euros to help restore basic services, repair public infrastructure and revive economic activity through grants for small projects, the statement said, adding that this will be done through the United Nations Development Program’s Stabilization Fund, Areas recently liberated in the provinces of Anbar, Salah al-Din, Kirkuk, Ninewa and Diyala.
2.2 million displaced Iraqis have been able to return to their homes, thanks to more than 1,200 projects, according to the statement.
The package also includes an additional 10 million euros to continue to facilitate the clearing of contaminated land. This will be done by the United Nations Mine Action Service. This will help create conditions for the safe and voluntary return of more than 3 million displaced people.
The United Nations Mine Action Service, in coordination with the European Union in the past year and a half, has surveyed and cleaned more than 1.8 million square meters of land in and around Fallujah and about 160,000 square meters in Anbar province.

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