Al Rasheed Bank grants loans to those wishing to purchase residential units


Rasheed Bank launched an initiative to grant loans to citizens wanting to buy residential units at the Basmaya residential complex.
A source at the bank told a news conference that “the Rashid Bank and its contribution to the elimination of housing crisis and in coordination with the Investment Authority, has launched an initiative to grant loans to citizens wishing to buy housing units in the complex Basmaya housing.
“The loan ratio is 80 percent of the housing unit price, as well as continuing to grant loans to small projects to contribute to encouraging the private sector and reducing unemployment,” he said.
The source said that “the loans granted to this segment range from two million to 30 million dinars, according to the feasibility of the economic project,” stressing that “the bank continues to grant the top ten nominal salaries for all employees as well as continuing to grant banking facilities to owners of shops and real estate, Commercial or real estate site “.

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