Parliamentary Finance Committee reveals the fate of the share of Kurdistan in the budget of 2018


The Finance Committee in the Iraqi parliament, on Tuesday, the fate of the budget of the Kurdistan region for 2018 after the referendum on secession from Iraq, stressing that the budget of the region will be the subject of disagreement within the federal government.
A member of the committee, “Husam al-Aqabi,” in a special press statement, that the share of Kurdistan in the budget of 2018 will be the subject of disagreement in the government and the Iraqi parliament. ”
He added that “the government will not cut the rate that will affect the life of the Kurdish citizen of the budget of 2018, such as ration ration,” stressing that “will be deducted the percentage related to the strengthening of the Kurdistan government.”
Al-Aqabi pointed out that “the provincial government held the referendum without the consent of the federal government and non-receipt of non-oil revenues to the government also caused not to hand over Kurdistan’s full share of the budget.”
The relations between Baghdad and Arbil are a state of tension and statements “fire” after the “referendum” by the President of the Kurdistan region (outgoing) Massoud Barzani, despite the rejection of local and regional and the international community.

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