The Ministry of Oil instructs investment companies to manufacture plastic gas cylinders


The oil ministry on Saturday instructed investment companies to manufacture plastic gas cylinders, noting that plastic cylinders are more durable and secure.
“Oil Minister Jabbar Ali al-Luaibi instructed the General Company to mobilize gas and investment companies to work on the establishment of production lines for plastic gas cylinders,” ministry spokesman Asim Jihad said in an interview.
Jihad added that “the ministry encourages the establishment of factories, whether investment or non-investment, the establishment of production lines for the manufacture of plastic cylinders as a lightweight and safer and durable, as well as the provision of hard currency by importing from abroad.”
The Ministry of Oil signed in January this year a contract with an Arab company for the production of gas cylinders, with 3000 to 5000 cylinders per day, indicating that the contract will be for 10 years.
The ministry started importing gas cylinders in 2009 to compensate for the shortage of iron cylinders and to compensate damaged cylinders.

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