Oil Minister orders the establishment of the Sayab center in Basra


The Minister of Oil instructed the establishment of a building called the Sayab Center for Culture and Arts in the province of Basra
Oil Minister Jabbar Ali Hussein al-Luaibi said that this cultural project comes within the concerns of the federal government and the Ministry of Oil to support the cultural, artistic and media activities in the province.
Al-Luaibi added that the project includes the construction of a building with modern architectural specifications, including halls for displaying works and artistic and creative products for the artists of the province free of charge, as well as the establishment and hosting of local, national and international exhibitions.
He added that the center will include a conference hall for press conferences, seminars, literary and cultural evenings and book exhibitions. The aesthetic and architectural aspects of the building, which is derived from the visual design and the architectural heritage, will be taken into consideration.
For his part, said spokesman Assem Jihad that this project comes within a series of service projects, social, humanitarian and cultural by the ministry for the children of this province, which is the biggest weight in the Iraqi national oil production and should receive the attention it deserves. Jihad said that the ministry hopes to establish the Sayab Center for Culture and Arts to be a mirror of the cultural, artistic and media activities of the province, especially for the country in general. And work to bring together creators in various fields of culture and arts in order to allow them to communicate with the public and the recipient.

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