The Directorate General for Industrial Development of the Ministry of Industry and Minerals continues to provide specialized services to industrial project owners during the month of July.
Eng. Salam Said Ahmed, Director General of the Directorate of Media and Public Relations in the Ministry, said that the Directorate is continuing to make doubling efforts to serve the largest number of industrial project owners and facilitate all procedures of work with emphasis on quality and transparency, That the number of new establishment permits granted by the Directorate in early July last (103) vacation, which is high compared to the previous months and came in comparison with what was planned while was allocated (43) plots of land for the establishment of new projects as the Directorate and within its cooperative activity With official bodies (826) support and 317 need assessment books. The Directorate also conducted an on-site inspection of the industrial projects sites to document all stages of the work by special technical committees. The number of reports reached during the month of July, 139) and all the provinces.


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