Basra hosts the Energy Conference in its first edition


The announcement of the launch of the first energy conference sponsored by the Ministry of Oil on Monday in the province of Basra, which aims to introduce oil investment opportunities within the province.
The director of the Basra Oil Company, Hayyan Abdul Ghani, said that “this conference in its first goal aims to identify and benefit from oil investments in the province in all areas of oil and gas,” stressing that “this will contribute to the development of oil industries in the country.”
For his part, Chairman of the Committee on Oil and Gas in the Council of Basra, Ali Shaddad, that “it is important to present investment opportunities for companies to market and identify those companies with available investment opportunities.”
“The conference was launched with the participation of major investment companies in the fields of oil and gas and in the presence of the representative of Oil Minister Hayyan Abdul Ghani, the first version of the conference on the land of Basra, Fayhaa.
He added that “the conference included activities aimed at giving a future vision to the reality of energy in the province of Basra coincided with the fact that Basra is the capital of Iraq’s economic,” noting that “this conference resulted in recommendations will be raised to the decision makers in the federal government and refueling the files of energy and production and support this file because the scale The development of the peoples possessing energy of all kinds and forms, “as he put it.

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