500 MW of electricity to Nineveh


Oil Minister Jabbar al-Allaibi announced that his ministry has been able to provide derivatives that have produced 500 megawatts of electric power so far to Nineveh out of 875 MW in the light of its contracts with investors from the Kurdistan region. While the Ministry of Migration registered the return of 17,000 displaced persons to their liberated areas in the province, the local Salahaddin administration provided 1,400 food baskets to Hawija IDPs. Saving electricity Al-Allaibi said in a press statement that his ministry has provided the requirements of contracts through the sale of black oil and oil derivatives without recourse to the request for allocations from the Ministry of Finance, as well as the provision of oil derivatives necessary to implement the contract. He pointed out that his ministry provides the necessary fuel for citizens in liberated areas and families in IDP camps, as well as forming specialized teams to send aid and supplies to the displaced as well as the people in Mosul. The oil ministry signed on July 10 a contract to secure half the needs of Nineveh province of electric power, which is the first of its kind after the announcement of the liberation of the city of Mosul, the center of the province of terrorism. The Ministry of Immigration and Displaced Jassem Mohammed Al-Jaf said in a brief statement that the ministry recorded the return of 17 thousand displaced people to their liberated areas in the Nineveh Plain, noting that the ministry’s office in the district of Al-Hamdaniya received these displaced persons, where they returned to their homes in the judiciary and the areas of Bartla and Bashiqa and Nimrod. Al-Jaf described the number of returnees as very small compared with the number of displaced people from those areas, but considered it a good start, stressing that the ministry encourages the return of the displaced by providing them with adequate assistance in their liberated neighborhoods. In the same file, the Assistant Director of Information for the Governorate of Salah al-Din Hisham al-Nouri said in a press statement that the local government distributed in its efforts to distribute food aid to the displaced, 1,400 food baskets among displaced people in Hawija, indicating that the baskets contained sugar, rice, tea, pulses and milk Children, as well as the distribution of ice among the camps in order to face the heat of the atmosphere and provide cold water for the displaced. He pointed out that another batch of aid will be distributed in cooperation with the Ministry of Displacement and Migration and will include hundreds of displaced families, whether in the districts of the province or located in the camps.

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