The Ministry of Transport discussed with the company “Khairat Al Sabatin” the establishment of the Middle Euphrates Airport


The technical agent of the Ministry of Transport met with Mr. Abbas Omran, representatives of Khairat Al Sabtain Investment Company specialized in the establishment and rehabilitation of international airports in order to discuss the possibility of establishing the Middle Euphrates International Airport.
He said: that their investment partnership was discussed to implement the establishment of the Middle Euphrates Airport and the current course of work of Khairat Al Sabtain Investment Company.
Omran said that these meetings come in implementation of the directives of the Minister of Transport, Mr. Kazem Fangan Al-Hamami as part of his plan to rehabilitate and establish five airports in the Iraqi provinces, adding that his Excellency stressed the importance of finding ways to accelerate the implementation of the project of the Middle Euphrates Airport, which will be an urban setting provides the best services for the people of these provinces .

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