Iraq sets the official sale price for Basra crude oil


Iraq has set the official sale price for September shipments of Basra light crude destined for Asia at $ 0.65 a barrel below the average price offered to Oman and Dubai, unchanged from the previous month, Iraq’s oil marketing company SOMO said on Monday.
“The price of heavy Basra crude for Asia in the same month is set at $ 4.45 per barrel, compared to the average price offered for Oman and Dubai,” Sumo said in a press release.
The official sale price of Basrah Light crude for shipments to North and South American markets in September was set at $ 0.35 above the Argos index for high sulfur crude, unchanged from the previous month, while the price of selling Kirkuk crude to the US was set at $ 1.10 per barrel above the same index .
For shipments to Europe, the price of Basra light crude was set at $ 0.30 to Brent’s price of $ 2.55 per barrel, while the September price of Kirkuk crude was set at $ 2.75 less than Brent’s price.

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