The Ministry of Oil launches a project to develop nine exploratory spots with Kuwait, Iran and territorial waters


The Ministry of Oil announced on Monday the launch of a project to develop nine exploration sites in the border and maritime fields with Kuwait, Iran and territorial waters with the Arabian Gulf.
The Ministry of Oil said in a press statement that in accordance with the plans of the Ministry of Oil based on its policy and approach to the exploitation of hydrocarbon wealth and investment for the benefit of Iraq and its people, the ministry announced the launch of a project to explore and develop and produce a number of exploratory and oil fields border land and sea in southern and central Iraq.
She added that the exploratory plains on the Iraqi-Kuwaiti border are the patch of water vegetables and the ridge of Mount Sanam and Umm Qasr Park, built that exploratory plains located on the Iraqi-Iranian border are Sinbad, Hawizah, Shihabi, Zarbatiya and Nepta.
She pointed out that the Gulf region lies within the Iraqi territorial waters in the Arabian Gulf, explaining that it includes the scope of the contracts of exploration and development of the production of these exploratory wells and oil fields on all exploration operations including seismic survey and exploratory drilling and evaluation and the program of survey and clearance of mines and non-flammable and crude oil production And optimal utilization of free gas or associated gas.
The Ministry of Oil pointed out that foreign companies are committed to provide funding, expertise, technology, equipment, machinery, services and qualified workers to implement their contracts provided the use of qualified Iraqi workers, “adding that the ministry will grant contracts of these patches and oil fields to pre-qualified foreign oil companies, whether alone or a coalition of companies from During competition.

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