A member of the Presidency of the House of Representatives, Hammoud Hamoudi, on Sunday, the need to create an attractive economic environment for investors inside Iraq after the liberation of Mosul, while the Chairman of the Investment Authority, Sami Araji to activate investment activity between Iraq and the Czech Republic.
“The First Deputy Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies, Hamam Hamoudi, sponsored a seminar for the Investment Authority to activate the trade and investment exchange between the governments of Iraq and the Czech Republic in the presence of Jan Bartoszek and the First Vice-President of the Czech Senate and their accompanying delegation, “He said.
Hamoudi stressed that “the importance of creating a competitive economic environment, attracting investors to the interior, especially after the victory of Mosul,” calling on Czech economists to “strengthen cooperation in the rehabilitation and operation of Iraqi factories and strengthen the industrial sector in general in Baghdad and the provinces.”
For his part, the head of the Investment Authority, Sami Araji, at the start of the opening of the symposium held in Baghdad today, in the presence of representatives of ministries and trade unions and Iraqi businessmen, seeking to re-cooperation in all areas between Iraq and the Czech Republic of his predecessor, “stressing the need to activate investment activity, Especially in the field of roads and bridges.
Jan Bartoshek explained that his country has “many businessmen and successful companies that we would like to invest their activities in Iraq, especially after the development of security in the country,” noting that “this visit comes at the invitation of Hamoudi after his visit to the Czech and seek to ensure trade exchange “He said.
On Friday and Saturday, the Czech delegation conducted a series of activities, including the visit of the imams Kadhimin A and the National Museum, expressing their great admiration for the authenticity of the Iraqi heritage Baghdadi, followed by a visit to the displaced persons camp in Zayouna area in the capital.


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