Iran exports 8 million cubic meters of gas per day to Iraq


Iran’s oil minister, Hamid Reza Araqi, has announced the arrival of the volume of gas exports to Iraq to the level agreed upon in the contract between the two sides, pointing out that Iraq has requested an increase in imports of Iranian gas.
“The volume of Iranian gas exports to Iraq now stands at 7 to 8 million cubic meters per day,” an Iraqi said.
“We are now exporting gas to Iraq in accordance with the contract, noting that Iraq has requested an increase in the volume of gas exported to it,” he added.
“The increase in gas production in the South Pars field offers the possibility of increasing exports,” he said.
“The export of Iranian gas to Iraq resumed more than a month ago after several years of suspension,” he said.
The Iranian pipeline to export gas to Baghdad had to be inaugurated about two years ago, but it was hampered by the problems of an attack on Iraq and the security tension in some areas through which the gas pipeline passes.

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