Iraq demands gas increase from Iran


Assistant Oil Minister Hamid Reza Iraqi said on Friday that the volume of gas exports to Iraq to the level agreed in the contract between the two sides, revealing that Iraq has requested an increase in imports of Iranian gas.
An Iraqi said in a statement today that the volume of Iranian gas exports to Iraq is now between 7 to 8 million cubic meters per day.
“We are now exporting gas to Iraq according to the contract,” he said, adding that Iraq had requested an increase in the volume of gas exported to it.
He said that the increase in gas production in the field of “South Pars” provides the possibility of increasing exports, and said that the export of Iranian gas to Iraq resumed more than a month after a halt of several years.
The export of Iranian gas to Iraq to provide fuel for the stations “Sadr” and “Mansoura” in Baghdad to generate electricity.
Iran’s gas pipeline to Baghdad was at the start of the launch two years ago, but it has been hampered by the problems of an attack on Iraq and the security tension in some areas through which the gas pipeline passes.

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