Economists: Karbala refinery will eliminate unemployment in the province


The economic experts in the province of Karbala, Saturday, that the completion of the refinery Karbala oil, will eliminate a large part of unemployment, where will employ about 20 thousand workers in various disciplines, in addition to resolving the crisis of oil and its derivatives, pointing out that there are political parties seeking to disrupt work and achievement The project.
“The project of oil refinery in Karbala province is of great importance in increasing oil products, developing fields production and providing job opportunities, Full unemployment “, stressing” overcome the problems that hinder the start of implementation. ”
Al-Asadi called for “solving the problem of compensation of owners of agricultural land located within the field.”
“We have been waiting for nearly three years since we submitted work in the refinery,” said construction worker Rushdie Fadel. “Until now, work has not been completed. There must be a specialized committee in this area to find out the reasons for delaying its completion and the accountability of the defaulters.”
“The delay of completion of the refinery, because of the lack of necessary allocations for the project,” said Faik Rasul Hammoud, the head of the engineers in Karbala.
“We have sent a delegation from the Engineers Syndicate branch of Karbala to visit the site of the refinery of Karbala,” adding that the delegation of the union briefed on the work that has been completed and the work that will be accomplished.
He pointed out that “many of the equipment of the project arrived on the table, without being installed because of the lack of customizations necessary for the installation of equipment.”
“The production capacity of the refinery is 140,000 barrels per day and employs some 20,000 workers in various specialties and products, including improved gasoline, jet fuel, gas oil and liquid gas,” Hammoud said.
He explained that “the refinery will be an effective economic project to serve the province and its sons.”

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