The taxi helicopter project was implemented in Erbil


For the first time in the Kurdistan Region, a commercial company carries out a project under the title (Airline Services for Helicopters of the Excel Line), which is to bring in a number of private helicopters and to use them for tourist purposes and ambulances.
The project’s supervisor and owner Idris Hassan said in a press statement that the project is to buy and bring a number of private helicopters to the Kurdistan Region for use for tourism and in the field of rapid ambulance, pointing out that one model was actually brought to the city of Arbil and will be in the days The next few will bring a number of them to the Kurdistan Region.
He pointed out that any person can benefit from these aircraft, whether a tourist or a foreign citizen or local, pointing out that the amount that was limited and is expected to have the project to the satisfaction of everyone, as he put it.
He explained that these planes as well as the tourist side as the tourists can rent and crown them tourists, and that in the event of accidents and emergency anyone can benefit from them in order to get to hospitals as soon as possible.

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