The Ministry of Oil, Monday, announced the opening of a liquid gas plant in Maysan with a capacity of 1200 cylinders per hour, noting that the plant will secure the local consumption of the province and neighboring areas.
“The ministry has opened a liquid gas plant in Maysan with a capacity of 1,200 cylinders per hour,” the director general of the gas filling company Ali Jubair said in a statement. “The plant is considered one of the most advanced plants in Iraq.”
“The company is continuing to implement plans to establish, develop and qualify gas filling plants in all governorates of the country,” he said. “The opening of the plant today in the city of Kemet in Maysan province will boost the province’s production of liquid gas cylinders.
The Ministry of Oil is seeking to convert all its factories to mobilize gas from manual to automatic in order to improve the quality of the product supplied to citizens.


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