Iraq has the fifth gold reserves in the world


The Central Bank of Iraq, that the reserves of the bank of gold is 90 tons, which occupies a high international ranking, while confirmed a Kurdish deputy that the bank does not give the Kurdistan Region share of that reserve.
The spokesman for the Iraqi Central Bank, Acer Jabbar, said that the total gold reserves in the bank is 90 tons and thus ranks 37th in the world and seventh in the Arab world.
For its part, confirmed a member of the Finance Committee in the Iraqi Council of Representatives on the Kurdistan Alliance Najib Najib that the Central Bank has reserves of gold reserves, pointing out that the Kurdistan Region share of that reserve is 17%.
Najib said that the central bank deprives the province of reserves and seize his share, indicating that about 4 tons of that gold at least is the share of the region and Baghdad does not give it to him.
It should be noted that the Reserve Bank of Iraq’s gold in 1012 was only 30 tons, but it has reached three times now.

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