Iraqi Airways announces increasing number of flights coming and departing from Nasiriyah airport


Iraqi Airways announced on Sunday a significant increase in the number of flights to Nasiriyah airport since its opening last March, pointing out that in the next few days it will conduct flights from the airport to some regional and Arab countries.
“The number of passengers departing and arriving at Nasiriyah Airport is 13,000 and 79 passengers,” Samer Kubba said in a statement. “The interest in Nasiriyah airport comes from several aspects, including putting Iraq’s marshes on the World Heritage List and encouraging tourism and economic aspects.”
“In the next few days, Iraqi Airways will operate flights to several countries from Nasiriyah airport and from there to Mashhad and some regional and Arab countries,” he added.
The Minister of Transport, Kazem Finjan Al-Hamami, opened the Nasiriyah International Airport on 10 March 2017 during a large opening ceremony. The first local plane landed on the same day.

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