Turkey offers Iraq reconstruction of Mosul


The spokesman for the Turkish President, Ibrahim Kalin, said that Turkey is ready to help Iraq in the reconstruction of Mosul after the liberation of the militants of the “Isis” terrorist.
“We are ready after the end of the process of liberating Mosul completely to rebuild it in addition to building what is destroyed in other Iraqi cities,” Kalin told a news conference in Ankara.
It is noteworthy that the Iraqi army and security forces in addition to the popular mobilization forces headed by the airlift supported by the US-led coalition aircraft and the Iraqi air force, towards the old neighborhoods in Mosul, the last remaining under the control of the terrorist organization “Isis”.
The remaining neighborhoods under the control of the organization’s militants were announced in the western part of Mosul on May 27, and 180,000 civilians are still trapped in those neighborhoods and used by the organization’s militants as human shields.
According to the Iraqi Operations Command, only 500 terrorists remained in the city.

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