Al-Rasheed Bank announces the rules of granting loans of doctors and pharmacists of 50 million dinars


Al-Rasheed Bank announced on Sunday that it will grant loans to doctors and pharmacists amounting to 50 million dinars.

The following are the controls for this loan:
1- Loans are granted to doctors, pharmacists, anesthesiologists, dentists, pathological analyzes laboratories, radiology clinics, sonar clinics, and medical examination.
2- The loan shall be determined according to its purpose in the amount of (20-50) million Iraqi Dinars.
3- If the loan amount is more than (20) million, the sponsor of a government employee and the amount of more than (20) million to (30) million provide sponsors, or more than (30) million provide a guarantee of real estate value (loan amount + interest).
4- Loan period is (5) years.
5- The borrower must be a permanent employee and provide support for the non-receipt of a previous loan for the same purpose from the other departments and the borrower shall submit the identity of the profession certified by the union.
6 – Presenting through the branches of the bank in Baghdad and the provinces and the site is to detect the clinic by the committee formed by the branch headed by the director of the branch.

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