115 countries around the world participate in Expo Astana, which promotes the idea of ​​future energy


Under the slogan of future energy, the Astana Expo 2017 was launched in Kazakhstan. Kazakhstan will be the first country in Central Asia to win the event on its territory. The exhibition will be held in its specialized version for three months in 93 suites.
The majority of participating countries focused on the adoption of techniques that take maximum advantage of the elements of the environment not to affect the well-being of people, but to improve the efficiency of living, German technology offered to houses generate energy, while promoted Thailand to deal with agricultural waste, The use of ice in the management of ships and water boats brought to this effect an ice block was cut from the Arctic frozen.
Kazakhstan, through Expo, is seeking to raise 1 billion euros as foreign investment. The government’s short- and medium-term plan is to generate 15 percent of the energy from clean and sustainable sources.

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