Iraq is bidding for at least 30,000 tonnes of rice


European traders said on Tuesday that Iraq had launched a global tender to buy at least 30,000 tons of rice.
The tender will be closed on June 11 and offers will be valid until June 15.
Traders added that rice can be imported from any source around the world.
In the latest announced purchase of rice on May 31, Iraq received about 30,000 tonnes of rice for supply from the United States and for delivery in July in a deal negotiated directly with limited participation by trade companies.
Iraq’s strategy for grain procurement is fuzzy after the country’s trade ministry said in April it would negotiate direct contracts to import rice and wheat after failing to buy them through international bidding.
Iraq, a major importer of rice and wheat, told them in March that it would delay paying dues for their goods and would be paid in installments because of falling oil prices and other financial factors, traders said. This was said to have reduced the participation of grain trading companies in recent tenders put forward by Iraq.
But traders said the recent demand for 30,000 tonnes of rice came through an international tender.

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