The Ministry of Labor calls for simplified procedures for granting microcredit


The Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, called for simplifying procedures for the granting of microcredit and expanding its productive and service areas in rural areas and cities.
The adviser to the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, Kazem Shamki, said that “small loans are the investment of small amounts in a project run by self-employed unemployed to generate acceptable income and the local market needs its products and conditions of success,” stressing that “small projects began an innovative initiative and quickly became programs A leader that moves poor families from poverty and hunger to a safe life. ”
He added that “training is very important in the management of small projects and the development of young people to lead, especially that the young social group worthy of attention and need to experience accumulated in practice,” noting that “the design of operational policy supportive of the economy and linked to provide a safe envelope of the approach of the State sponsor rights And give young people creative energy renewable and stimulating creativity and innovation. ”
He pointed out that “the Iraqi environment is a complex reality affected by war, terrorism and policies negatively reflected on the national economy and weakened the ability to improve the reality, and the economic situation has worsened the decline of oil prices in the global market and the war on terrorism and political divisions, which made Iraq plunged into a spiral of crises” .
He added that “small projects are of great importance to their role in absorbing unemployment and accelerate economic growth to raise the level of national income and reflected on the levels of individual and family income in favor of indicators of human development,” adding that “the government initiated the application of the experience of small projects under the title of community rehabilitation and then microcredit And easy loans for the establishment of income-generating projects and each program has its advantages and sources of funding and the social group it targets. “

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