France and India cooperate in combating climate change


French President Emmanuel Macaron and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Mody said on Saturday their countries would cooperate in fighting climate change, days after the United States pulled out of the Paris climate treaty.
The prime minister of India, the third-largest source of greenhouse gas emissions, said in Russia on Friday he would continue to support the agreement and McCron said the 2015 Paris agreement is irreversible despite US President Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw.
“The two leaders, who met for the first time, did not announce new contracts or initiatives,” Moody told a joint news conference with Macaron in Paris.
“Both of us are convinced that our two countries must do more to move to environmentally friendly sources of energy and combat global warming,” McCron said, adding that France would go beyond its obligations under the Paris Climate Convention.
He said he planned to visit India before the end of the year to attend the first summit of the International Solar Alliance, an initiative launched by New Delhi and Paris during the Paris climate talks.
The alliance seeks to raise more than $ 1 trillion by 2030 and involve more than 100 countries rich in solar energy to provide that kind of clean energy to some of the poorest countries.

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