Today, the Federal Court considers the appeals submitted by the government on the budget of 2017


A member of the parliamentary finance committee, Jabbar al-Abbadi, revealed that the Federal Court, will consider today, Monday, appeals filed by the federal government on the budget in 2017, stressing that the provisions of the budget applied to the reality of the case.
Abadi said that “today there is a hearing of the Federal Court, to consider the appeals submitted by the government, and in light of which we await if there are developments in this subject, but the issuance of the decision back to the Federal Court can not be predicted.”
“This session is not considered the first, but the third, and the last session was on 3/5, and the parties submitted regulations, and today will be another session, but did not specify in the last meeting a date for the issuance of the decision and was postponed naturally to this day.”
He added that “most of the budget items applied to the reality of the case and we await the decision, either continue to implement or stop because of the issuance of another decision, because the decision of the Court earlier it was possible to proceed in the implementation of the budget and issues that if revoked can not be re-implementation.”
Earlier, the federal government submitted several appeals to paragraphs in the general budget for the current year.

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