An Iraqi company sells $ 1.5 million worth of goods via the Internet


The managing director of Iraqi Shafasat LTV, Shahan Omar Mustafa, has announced sales over the past two years worth $ 1.5 million through e-commerce.
Mustafa said that “e-commerce in Iraq is new and that our company has established websites to display and sell goods, including: Iraq market, daughters of Iraq, and Shavast Shop for the sale of cosmetics and women’s supplies,” adding that “requests for customers to buy goods amounted to 55 thousand applications and that our sales Over the past two years has reached 1.5 million dollars. ”
Mustafa added that “international companies offer their goods through our sites on the Internet and have a company to deliver goods to all parts of Iraq, the more the price of the commodity the lower the price of delivery,” explaining that “the company currently has 900 employees throughout the country are promoting electronic goods through social networking sites Facebook and Instagram “.
The owner of the company that “some customers are requesting goods through the website and when connected to the specific place refuse to answer our communications and these losses,” noting that “the goods displayed in our sites are characterized by quality and imported from international companies at reasonable prices, especially that there are some discounts are made for customers” .
Mustafa pointed out that “the payment is through the financial companies known by Visa Card and Mastercard and Paypal and others in addition to payment after the delivery of the item to customers who do not use electronic payment.”

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