France announces its cooperation with the Kurdistan region to rebuild the war destroyed


As part of a series of joint trade and economic cooperation between Iraq and France, a French trade delegation visited the Chamber of Industry and Trade of Kurdistan, to expand the horizons of French work in the region.
Emanuel Paco, representative of the French company Zuez, explained that the company has three main activities are the liquidation of water and the establishment of new projects for heavy water and liquidation, as well as the process of recycling waste and the reason for our visit to the Kurdistan region is to work in the field of water purification plants because of the urgent need in the region.
The regional government, in turn, expressed the hope that the joint cooperation will contribute to the contribution of French companies in the reconstruction of what was destroyed by the war. Nuri Osman, head of the Kurdistan Regional Government Investment Authority, said: “We look forward to developing these relations through increasing the French presence in the commercial market in investment for all sectors. The delegation also revealed the status of the file of investment in the Kurdistan region on the list of priorities of the new French administration, in parallel with the political and military issues, which is the fight against terrorism.

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