Minister of Planning stresses the need to prepare a new development plan for the post-Isis


Minister of Planning Salman Jumaili, stressed on Saturday the need to prepare a new development plan after the completion of the liberation of Iraqi territory from the control of “Isis”, and while the military victory on the organization “is not enough,” he pointed out that Iraq suffers from a state of deflation due to falling oil prices.
“The military victory and the liberation of the land is not enough, but we need to rebuild our liberated cities,” Jumaili said in a speech at a conference to prepare the five-year development plan.
“The decline in oil prices led to a state of contraction in the country, and our next phase should be the stage of economic construction,” he added, stressing the need for “partnership with the international community.”
Iraq is suffering from an economic crisis due to low oil prices, which is the main source of revenue for the country, while the government confirms its efforts to find suitable alternatives to address this problem.

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