Basra is moving to increase agriculture at the expense of oil and demanding the return of land seized by companies


The head of the oil and gas committee in the provincial council of Basra Ali Al-Fares renewed his demand for the importance of reconsidering all agricultural land seized by the oil companies and returning them to farmers to revive agriculture in it again.
Al-Faras said in a statement that next week, the issue will be discussed with the concerned parties in the Basra Oil Company and the Directorate of Agriculture in order to reach final solutions to the problems of farmers and the possibility of renewing agricultural contracts with them.

He said that the oil ministry had agreed earlier on a proposal submitted by the committees of oil and gas, agriculture and water resources and called the law of agricultural co-existence of oil, which restores large parts of agricultural land to their owners to replace the former compensation law, which was the confiscation of millions of hectares and agricultural donates on the pretext of oil and other .

Al-Faris pointed out that the current oil minister instructed to reduce the oil taboos and allow farmers close to oil field sites to exploit their land and plant them.

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