The Ministry of Transport set up a committee to lay the foundation stone for the Kut Airport


Minister of Transport Kazem Venjan Al-Yamami announced the start of preparations for laying the foundation stone for Kut Airport in coordination with Wasit Governorate.
“A ministerial committee headed by the director general of civil aviation, Hussein Mohsen, visited the airport and saw the facts on the ground,” Hamami said, adding that “it was agreed to lay the foundation stone to begin the stages of completion.”
“The construction of Kut airport will take place after the Ministry of Transport in coordination with the Ministry of Defense and the local government of Wasit province at the Kut air base for civilian use as well as military use while ensuring that aviation safety standards are met and approved by the Civil Aviation Authority.”
Kut military air base, established in the seventies of the last century, is an important air base.

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