Ministry of Oil decides to change the name of the company “South” to “Basra Company”


The Ministry of Oil decided on Tuesday to change the name of the South Oil Company to the Basra Oil Company and to limit the company’s tasks within the limits of the province.
“The Council of Ministers agreed in its meeting held on 5 January 2016, to change the name of the Southern Oil Company to the Basra Oil Company.”
Jihad said that “the implementation of this decision came after the announcement of the establishment of a company Dhi Qar oil last week.”
Jihad said that “the tasks of Basra Oil Company will be limited within the administrative boundaries of the province and so for the oil companies Maysan and Dhi Qar.”
It is noteworthy that the oil minister, Jabbar Luaibi, opened last Thursday, the headquarters of the oil company Dhi Qar, while confirmed by the local government of the province that the company will have a key and clear in the development of oil production in the country and the province.

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