Wasit province opens its second international exhibition for energy, reconstruction and investment


The second international exhibition for energy, economy and investment was inaugurated in Wasit province on Monday, in the province of Wasit Textile Industries, with the participation of foreign and Iraqi companies specialized in the fields of energy, investment and reconstruction.

Governor of Wasit Malik Khalaf al-Wadi said that “the local government of Wasit and in coordination with the Chamber of Commerce in Wasit, opened today the second international exhibition for energy, reconstruction and investment, which was held on the land of Wasit textile industries under the slogan (Wasit is the eastern commercial gateway to Iraq),” Will provide a great opportunity for companies to see the investment opportunities in the province. ”

He added that “the province seeks to overcome the repercussions of difficult economic conditions because of the deterioration of oil prices in world markets and overcome the investment stagnation resulting from through encouraging and trying to find investment opportunities and attract investors in all areas and sectors to enter the province and focus on productive projects, because the only solution to keep up with the development in the world Is to invest and follow the experiences of regional and Gulf countries and foreign. ”

He said that “the exhibition was opened by Deputy Chairman of the Energy Committee in Parliament, Ali Bahadli, and will continue until the 26 of this month, with the participation of dozens of foreign companies and Iraqi specialists in the fields of energy, economy and investment.”
He pointed out that “the main purpose of the exhibition is to rotate the economy and attract foreign companies to work in the province in the various investment sector, especially with regard to the energy sector in addition to the opportunity to exchange experiences.”

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