Masum: Iraq plans to seal water agreements with neighboring countries and excesses hurt economy


President Fuad Masum, confirmed Sunday, Iraq’s intention to conclude new agreements watermark with the neighboring countries, as pointed out that abuses have hurt the economy.
Masum said at a seminar held by the Water Department under the slogan enhance the safety of the Mosul Dam a national priority that “Iraq plans to conclude new agreements with the water resources of neighboring countries to ensure that water rights and ensure dividing Water acceptable between neighboring countries on the basis of international norms and conventions,”

Masum said he “must be the permanent work to deliver the Voice of Iraq to the relevant international forums to defend the rights of of water interests and end the abuse on their legitimate rights and that harmed the economy, including agriculture and fisheries, livestock and contributed to the transformation of our country to importer of food and dramatically after that was a source and a source for it.”
Masum stressed “the emphasis on the use of modern irrigation methods and the development of optimal utilization of water strategies and rehabilitation of the marshes in southern Iraq after the approval of the international community marshes included into the World Heritage list.”

Iraq has suffered from the scarcity of water in the Tigris and Euphrates rivers because of lack of of water releases from Turkey and Iran, which affected the agriculture and livestock dramatically.

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