Reconstruction Fund reveals the size of deposited money for liberated areas


Advisor communicate to fund the reconstruction of areas affected by terrorism Majida Salman Mohammed, said Thursday that there is a possibility of an international contribution to the reconstruction of liberated areas of Daesh and damaged by terrorist acts.

Mohamed said that “the reconstruction process is not vested in Iraq only, but the neighboring countries and the region and the whole world because Iraq respond to the terrorist attack and made several sacrifices the blood of his sons and the destruction of some of its regions due to fighting Daesh,” indicating that “there are a range of grants and loans through the reconstruction fund” loan World Bank $ 650 million paid for a period of five years for the four sectors are water, sewer, electricity, health, roads and bridges, as well as Deutsche Bank loan of 550 million euros in addition to the $ 100 million Kuwaiti grant to be allocated to the health sector. ”

She added, “are counting on donors’ conference to be held mid-year and offered a number of his views under the auspices of Iraq in order to collect donations and not in the form of loans to help Iraq and the rehabilitation and reconstruction of areas affected by terrorist acts”, noting that “the general budget allocated funds to Fund for reconstruction and so for the reconstruction of vital facilities of water, electricity and essential needs of the sectors. ”

It is said that “the reconstruction of areas affected by the terrorist attacks Fund” was established in accordance with Article 28 of the federal budget for the 2015 law, so as to be a base to coordinate between international organizations and Iraqi ministries in rebuilding the rapid reconstruction operations and implement reconstruction operations of medium and long term, in the liberated areas of Daesh . The Fund began its work after the receipt of Dr. Abdul Basit Turki Saeed fund presidency on 18/02/2015.

The Government of Iraq allocated an initial amount of the Fund of 500 billion Iraqi dinars in the 2015 budget, will fund resources consist later on grants that can be offered by friendly and brotherly countries as well as the State allocates of money through the federal budget law, the Fund will be the reconstruction of areas damaged by terrorist acts across Iraq after its liberation.

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