Energy Committee for more than 100 oil companies: the Basra will be a major source of energy in the world


Chairman of the Commission on oil and gas in the Basra Governorate Council Ali Shaddad Fares predicted on Wednesday that the province be a major source of energy in the world in the near future.
This came during his participation in the seminar hosted by the Oil Ministry in the city of Basra today and in collaboration with the Society of Petroleum Engineers and by which discuss a range of issues concerning the oil and gas sector and the role of local governments in the oil industry support the presence of more than 100 companies from the private sector is interested the field of oil, gas and petrochemical industries to market this file to the world during 2017.

Fares said in a speech that Basra is one of the world’s most important energy sources in the future when seen from as projects in infrastructure for oil and gas and the project’s strategic water is important for the sustainability of oil production and gaseous injection future ambitious plans in addition to the investment of oil fields in southern Iraq and in Basra in particular projects and it is producing fields and operated by the national effort.

Firas noted the imminent launch of exhibition of oil and gas will be built on the land of the province of Basra, as well as the establishment of an economic conference at the end of September this year, may contribute to the task of the future of energy, oil in Iraq shifts.

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