Oil Minister announces running a new unit in Kirkuk refinery to equivalent production capacity of “kar”


Oil Minister Ali Jabbar Luaibi announced on Wednesday for the success of the technical and engineering staff in the North Refineries Company and other oil companies in the completion and operation of the new unit refining capacity of 10 thousand barrels per day refinery in Kirkuk.

The oil minister said in a telegram submitted to the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, said that to achieve this feat by the National staffs Under security and economic challenges is an important step to add new refining capacity to Kirkuk refinery to rise to 40,000 barrels per day, which contributes to cover an important part of need for the region and the citizens of petroleum products, especially kerosene, gas oil and oil as well as black oil to meet the needs of asphalt, cement, bricks and other industrial projects coefficient both in the government or private sector. ”

“The ministry is seeking to add another unit to refining” Kirkuk refinery “capacity of 10 thousand barrels per day before the end of this year.
The minister had announced in February a draft direct refining of oil derivatives in the refinery “KAR” in Erbil governorate and capacity of 40 thousand barrels per day for the Ministry of Oil.
So oil minister said that “the technical and engineering staff in South Gas Company and oil projects and those chock has successfully completed the processing and running Najibiyah power station in Basra province, fuel gas and the addition of new generating capacity to the national system of up to 100 megawatts rate.”

He noted that “the ministry has completed the earlier record time electricity Shatt al-Arab station is equipped with fuel gas and start pilot operation of this station. As well as processing plants and Hartha Hartha investment Al Khor and Rumaila and other fuel gas.”

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