Need to develop a a calendar import for activating production


After the government decided to ban the import of what can be manufactured or industry inside Iraq, it has become necessary to approve a calendar to limit the prohibited materials from import in coordination and cooperation with the authorities and sectoral ministries on the one hand and the Ministry of Commerce, on the other hand as a donor for import licenses.

In this regard, economists felt that the time is right now to start a new stage devoted for activating the productive sectors, especially after the recent decision by the government last week. And it is necessary to do the sectoral ministries concerned to coordinate and accelerate the development of import a calendar, similar to the Ministry of Agriculture, and it opened the way again for agricultural production national to enter the market after it was invade imported fruits and vegetables.

And to the need for the Ministry of Industry and Minerals do as the Ministry of Agriculture did because it involved the majority of industry production and materials needed by the market, as well as it is able to fill a large part of the need to import. Earlier statistics of the Ministry of Planning said at the time that the number of workers within the internal trade sector in Iraq had reached a million people, and those who work in the retail make up 71.4 percent of them.

The Ministry of Commerce announced the start of work by issuing import licenses under on the first of July of 2012.

And stressed the possibility of Iraq to achieve self-sufficiency due to its ingredients of successful economy of geographical location and network rail and road link between the southern provinces and ports. The committee of the Ministries of Planning and Economic Affairs, Oil, Finance, Industry and Minerals,

And the Central Bank of the National Authority for Investment and Economic Advisor to the Prime Minister, decided to “oblige the Ministry of Health to buy all of their medications and medical supplies of the General Company for the manufacture of medicines and medical supplies – according to the report by the statement of the Ministry of Planning at the time as the Commission ordered the Ministry of Electricity to buy all of their public company Diyala and Ur.

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