A parliamentary committee: rising commodity prices caused by the imposition of truck owners to pay royalties


Parliamentary Committee on Economy and Investment confirmed Saturday that rising commodity prices caused by the imposition of royalties on the truck owners, stakeholders demand accountability thieves of public money and the opening of checkpoints in accordance with the easy mechanisms.

Committee member Burhan Mamouri said at a news conference in parliament today, “we are seeking to achieve economic reform to save the money of the nation, which has become a target for mischief who took advantage of their positions to steal public money.”

He added that “commodity prices rise as a result of the imposition of royalties to the owners of the trucks, more than borne by the Iraqi citizen,” and urged the relevant authorities to “know who was behind the theft of public money, and instruct to open the checkpoints through easy mechanisms.”

Full Ghurairy committee member explained that “this morning saw large demonstrations by truck owners in the Diyala Bridge.” Ghurairy added, “All the demonstrators appealed to reduce congestion at the entrances and checkpoints to raise royalty imposed by those checkpoints.

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