The Ministry of Electricity responded to the strike by “thermal Wasit” to end the decades dozens draws warnings for others


The Ministry of Electricity announced on Friday about ending the decades dozens of workers in Wasit thermal station and went to the warnings of others, including carrying out against the backdrop of strikes and sit-ins during the official working hours for confirmation on the permanent staffing.

The ministry said said in a statement that because of the fact that some poor souls of their seducer of manipulating the interests of the citizen through the influence on the progress of work and lack of commitment to official hours in Wasit thermal power station and resorting to strike and sit-in and withdrawal from the working methods, thus affecting the performance of the national electricity system, thinking them force the government and the ministry to their demands represented by the installation of the permanent staffing, ”

Noting that “The ministry promised the installation anyway to get the grades, but for most of it has been allocated half the number of grades that will be allocated to the Ministry for the employees of this station.”

The statement noted that “the ministry decided and because of lack of commitment to a number of them controls the work and career of service to end decades (41) of them, guiding warning for (94) for the commitment and return to work the day after tomorrow Saturday, 25/02/2017, at the latest, otherwise will terminate their contracts “.

The statement continued, “The ministry affirms its commitment to all its members and workers in contract and daily wage, and is pushing to get their grades, hopes of all its members commit to working and functional legal and controls.”

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