Northern Electricity Directorate sign a contract to meet the collection in some areas of Kirkuk in exchange for a permanent processing


Northern Electric Distribution Department announced Friday the signing of a contract with a local company to meet collection of people in some areas of the province of Kirkuk in exchange for energy savings on an ongoing basis.
Qais Alrezvani Relations official of Northern Electric distribution said in an interview the Director General of the Northern Electricity distribution Zidane Khalaf Khadr signed a contract of service and collection and rehabilitation project in elected areas in each of the (Moodhav Alrezvani Center, that “the two sides discussed the reality of the electrical grid in Kirkuk, and mechanisms of transfers were between Directorate of civil Inc., and the receipt and delivery of network equipment, and discuss monument new measures, which is a continuous process with what has been successfully tested in Baghdad (the regions of Zayouna and Yarmouk) and returned an interest rate represented the rationalization of 30-40% of the electrical energy. ”
Alrezvani explained, “The two sides stressed the importance of the media’s role in educating citizens about the great interest of the process as it would provide him with electrical energy throughout the day at a rate of 24 hours, compared to the cost equal to what was paid by the civil generators with those paid by national power, or less than the cost “pointing out that” this process will lead to the descent of loads to one third at least, what makes the equipment work stable and to save our equipment and convey the power supply to the citizens stable and a fixed voltage. ”
And the two sides agreed to start the inventory phase, for a period of ninety days, the electricity network inventory of the different details during which to receive custody of the Directorate to the company, and begin the work of the company in light of this inventory, the company will inventory committees morally and financially and logistically support in order to complete the work to the fullest in the shortest possible time to collect money from citizens in exchange for energy saving 24 hours per day. “

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