Four ships docked at the Iraqi ports, including one loaded with thousands of tons of sugar


Iraqi ports company announced on Friday for anchoring four ships loaded with different kinds of contaminants in the far south of the country’s ports.

A spokesman for the company Anmar net said in a statement that despite the bad weather conditions navigational and experienced of Iraqi marine staff and in coordination with the port of Umm Qasr administration docked at ten o’clock on Thursday evening the ship (EQUINOX MMLDA) loaded with 44,000 tons of raw sugar on the pavement of three from the southern port he said, adding that work is continuing with precision and coordination for this moment for unloading.

He added either in the northern port of Umm Qasr it received three ships, two of them loaded with containers and one soybean and from different nationalities, where the ship docked (BIMAR RADIANT) 574 loaded container on the pier 19.

He continued that the net vessel (OM IRIDIUM) 201 loaded container on the pier 20. And the ship (ARK ROYAL) loaded of 33,000 tons of soybeans on the pier 17, noting that the unloading and handling operations are currently underway.

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