Iraq expects full implementation of OPEC agreement


Iraq increased its forecast full and serious commitment to the oil-producing countries to reduce production to support oil prices in the global market after (OPEC) latest data

So to the UAE expected more commitment in the coming months, according to UAE Energy Minister Suhail Al Mazroui.

According to the data used by the (OPEC) to monitor the supplies were carried out (OPEC), more than 90 percent of the production cuts in January in a strong start for the implementation of the first cut of production in eight years. The economic analyst Rahim Al Shammari expected another increase in crude oil prices in the coming period.

According to the average estimates of six secondary sources used by the (OPEC) to monitor production, OIC Member States production has dropped and the 11 state to 29.92 million barrels per day, or that the degree of compliance with the undertakings amounted to 92 percent.

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