Oil companies receive $ 15 million from the Government of Kurdistan


Gulf Keystone , the company said on Monday it had received payments of $ 15 million from the government of the Kurdistan region in exchange for export of Sheikhan field for the month of September 2016 oil sales. The company added that , following the receipt of such payments, the cash flow has totaled $ 104.5 million. On the other hand , the Norwegian company DNO said today it had received payments worth 36.20 million dollars from the Kurdistan Regional Government in exchange for deliveries allocated for the export market from Tawke field for the month of September crude oil. The company added that it will divide the payments between it and its partner Genel Energy evenly and that included payments of $ 30.36 million , compared to shipments in September and 5.84 million dollars to cover the list of previous deliveries receivables.


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