Masum receives an invitation to attend a summit of Petroleum Exporting Countries in Caracas


President Fuad Masum received yesterday an official invitation of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro Mros to attend the leaders of the Petroleum Exporting Countries meeting proposed oil held at the summit level in Caracas later to find the system that ensures the oil-exporting countries to achieve a lasting and balanced stability of crude oil prices .

Vivid as Venezuelan president in his letter that the agency {Euphrates News} received a copy of it on ” the heroic efforts of the Iraqi people and their struggle to consolidate the independence, sovereignty , and the values of peace.”

The transfer of the message Oil Minister Jabbar Allaibi on behalf of the Venezuelan delegation in charge transferred to the infallible, and who could not attend to theseat of the presidency in the Peace Palace in Baghdad because of thesynchronization of his access to them with out demonstrations in the region, andincluded Secretary of State Delsey Rodriggsz and Minister of Oil and Mines Venezuelan Nelson Martinez. ”

It is expected to attend the meeting , leaders of the members of the organization ofPetroleum exporting countries {OPEC} and other oil – exporting countries to study the proposals, including price regulation package and its relationship with theproduction at the global level, and the establishment of regional formulas to achieve a just crude oil pricing, and discuss the needs of consuming countries in the world and ways to enable oil – producing countries to carry out its responsibility to ensure a fair, logical and permanent Aguetsadyatea.anthy prices

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