Maasum calls to provide fuel for Kurdistan to produce electrical energy


President Fuad Masum, called the Oil Ministry to develop a cooperation relations and joint productivity plans especially in the field of advanced oil industries with neighboring countries and the countries of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries regardless of their political positions. According to a statement of the Presidency that during a meeting Fuad Masum faced the Oil Minister Jabbar Luaibi to speed up the stalled running the refineries to work partially or completely because of vandalism and looting crimes committed by terrorist gangs. And he stressed the need to meet the needs of the Ministry of Electricity of oil to provide the fuel needed for the production of electrical energy in all provinces. And he called for increasing the share of the provinces are currently the most vulnerable, such as Sulaymaniyah, Irbil and Mosul, Salahaddin and Dohuk.

For his part, Oil Minister reviewed the projects and the ministry’s efforts in the field of production, stressing the development of new plans to develop refineries and oil industry and to address the effects of the terrorist gangs burned a number of oil wells also touched on the future plans of the ministry’s efforts to achieve self-sufficiency in the oil industry, pointing to gains reduced import oil derivatives rates from abroad

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