Turkey manufactured a military vehicle with an advanced system resists shells and mines


“Norol” Turkish Company manufactured defense systems, wagon “Acdar Yalcin” equipped with advanced protection from missiles and mine system with a top speed of over 120 km / h, as it walked with high efficiency, and it meets the need of the army and security forces. “Acdar Yalcin” featured with a high capacity for movement and four-wheel drive to provide high performance in a rugged land and it powered by a high-performance diesel engine and independent suspension system. The armored fighting vehicle wheel-drive, and designed to carry four tons, and can be used as an ambulance vehicle, and to protect internal security, and in other places. And it is featured with a high protection against kinetic energy projectiles, and improvised explosive devices, mines, which are equipped with protection from rocket-propelled grenades system also facilitates providing different weapons system. It has the capacity to carry 11 people, and has a length of 5.4 m and 2.4 m width, and height of 2.3 meters and a height above the ground of 40 cm.

It may also jump about 1.1 meters, crossing water depth of 70 cm, and the rise of land oblique angle of 70 degrees Celsius, and the descent of the cliffs oblique angle of 30 degrees.

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