Travel to America bookings decline because of Trump


A company specialized in the travel industry data analysis, showed that the restrictions imposed by the US president, Donald Trump, on the entry of citizens of seven countries to the United States, began the disposal of travelers from other countries also travel to.

The company said Forward Keys, which analyzes 16 million booked on flights daily from major global booking systems, said that bookings over the next three months, higher by 2.3 percent from last year.

Company data showed that in January 27, the day the Executive Trump issued his order bookings were the most by 3.4 percent from the previous year.

When the validity of the executive order on January 28, and even began the fourth of February bookings fell to the United States by 6.5 percent, including a drop of 80 percent from the seven countries included in Trump’s executive order, and 13.6 percent from Western Europe.

Forward Keys said that on the day when a US judge issued a ruling to stop work Executive Order, bookings from Iran rose to more than travel to the United States five times as reservations in the third and fourth of February than in the same weekend a year ago. Most of these bookings were to reach the United States in the fifth and sixth February.

And other groups warned that the demand for travel has been affected by the American restrictions, which is still pending until a US appeals court ruled.

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